Welcome back. Two weeks ago, I walked you through my personal review of 2019; last week, I shared with you what I hope I might achieve in 2020; this week, I thought I’d bring this trilogy to a close with my proposals for New Year’s resolutions for Joe Q. Public. How selfless of me? Yes, I thought so. (tee hee)

Several of my initial thoughts revolve around today’s technology we love to hate or hate to love … the cellphone. Ready?

I propose Joe Q. Public resolves to leave their phones alone at intersections with stop-and-go lights. Recently, I have been lucky enough to be behind people who are either color blind or are engaged in something other than watching the light go from red to green. I am not a horn blower; however, I have been left to few options when I’m sitting at a green light only because the person in front of me isn’t moving! When I remind them by means of my horn that green in this country means go, their heads instantly fly up from their chests, leaving me to conclude something far more interesting has their attention than driving.

I propose Joe Q. Public resolves to leave chatting on their phones to places other than the grocery store. To begin with, some of us have no enjoyment in grocery shopping. However, when adding people on their phones at a standstill in the middle of an aisle or in front of a shelf I need to access, it can add even more disdain for the grocery shopping adventure.

I propose Joe Q. Public resolves to remember people still have the ability to make phone calls to one another. I have family/friends who seem to find texting far more desirable than making a simple call and sharing the same information. If I get a text from someone and it requires a response, that response likely initiates another response from the initiating party, and before I know it, there’s a full-fledged conversation occurring with our fingers. Frankly, I hate texting. It’s OK for a quick exchange of material, but it seems no one calls anymore to chat.

I propose Joe Q. Public resolves to return to using their blinkers on the roads. It’s a simple task. Yet, more and more people seem to feel it’s not necessary to let folks in front of them or behind them know what it is they’re going to do at any given intersection. Delightfully infuriating.

I propose Joe Q. Public resolves to hiring people who understand what it means to work with the public and how much easier and more pleasant that job is when the employee simply smiles. I have a friend who says I schmooze as well as anyone. Webster defines schmooze as “to chat in a friendly and persuasive manner especially so as to gain favor, business or connections.” So, I almost always banter to some degree with the cashier at any place of business. It makes for a happier experience. I like being happy. I think others do too. Why would anyone want to be a sourpuss?

I propose Joe Q. Public resolves to open doors once again for others, to say “excuse me” when it’s appropriate, to speak softly on their phones in public so as not to share their personal lives with others who don’t care to hear about it, to use words like “please” and “thank you” more often, to be respectful of others in a movie theater by watching the movie and leaving the phone in the car before entering the complex. You get the idea.

Can the world be a better place on a small level in 2020? I think it can. How about you?

Time’s up! See you next week!