What did all of us good Minnesota warriors think of that crunchy, snappy sound the snow made when it was 10 degrees below zero? Did you also get all prepared with the milk, bread and toilet paper supplies, sit down on the La-Z-Boy and say to the incoming snow storm, “Bring it on, I am ready”? You will be allowed to vary the stories and also remember that we are already over half way through January!

It's getting far enough along into the month to know if we have kept our New Year’s resolutions, changed them a bit, or said try again next year. I have been hearing a lot of advice on how to do a good resolution and that includes doing it in small pieces rather than trying to change your whole life in one big leap. The big leap approach sure sounds better when you are sharing that information with others.

Maybe we could try some smaller or half leaps to get a resolution in place by parking the car at the mall somewhere other than the closest possible available parking space. If you do buy half the store, they usually have big carts you could then push to the car and count that as a plus. You would have done a lot of lifts and leans to get that cart filled. To really embrace this concept, park as far away as possible from the entrance to the gym or fitness center front door. Decide if you want to count this as time already in for the time you do your workouts. Chances are good you will be carrying a lot of supplies in your gym bag(s) so that also would be a plus.

I do really know how this cold windy weather makes one think implementing this would be a better idea, say in May or so. Maybe a practice or two now would really kick that program off at that time.

I am not even going to touch the weight loss resolutions. That is truly a land of high mountains and very, very low valleys and lots of slippery slopes. Anyone who has even a bit of success is a winner in my eyes. Give yourself two pats on the back (so you are not digging into the chocolate covered ice cream bowl with brownies on the side) and carry on to great things.

Maybe a small thing each day would be doable and they say something has to be repeated a number of times before it becomes a habit. A big thing for me would be putting my purse in a designated place when I come home and that would include putting the car keys in it also. A “bit” of time is spent every now and then calling “purse, where are you?” Shoes could also be added to that list. Can I blame it on the fact that we do not have a mudroom or a good entryway place to store these things?

If I mastered that project, then I could move up. In my life that would be trying to put away the baking and cooking ingredients right after I use them instead of leaving them to air out and be put back much later. Since I can cook an entire meal using the single square foot method, I would really have to work on this as it is a mixed blessing. Some people need to have the entire counter cleared, all ingredients and pans lined up, and the recipe posted in a place other than on the computer in the next room. They probably would also measure and follow the posted directions without a lot of side trips. I would suggest that you do not place any big bets on this one for me as I do not want my loyal readers to lose money. I know that it can be done and I can do it when I cook/bake at Margaret's very well organized kitchen, but the home team thing does not seem to work for me.