How's your winter going? Has the flu got you yet? Cold enough for you? Thinking about heading to Florida or someplace warm? The list goes on for the most popular questions of the month. We have to remember that weather is the source for a large number of conversation starters and health inquiries are also automatic in the flu/cold season. Maybe some of us are getting a tiny bit tired of hearing these questions. Maybe our friends are just checking to see if cabin fever is setting in yet. Maybe those friends are getting a touch of it and looking to see how you combat your cabin fever.

The winter months have always been a hard time for me to handle but once I got the Vitamin D deficiency diagnosis and the light use came about, things got better. But it is still very easy to let things slide. This is my to-do list but it also can be ideas for you to do winter fun things.

My art work is fun and important to me year-round. At present I have an item on display at the Textile Center in Minneapolis for the member's winter event until the first week in March. I also have rug hooking, felted bears and several other items on display at the Stillwater Library Gallery until the end of February. The library is an amazing building from times past and the stained glass windows are worth the trip to just see them. For sure I did not need another new project, but the call came from Magnolia's in Stillwater to try Organic Applique. Talk about being a fish out of the water on this one, but it is very challenging and addictive. The colder the weather the easier it seems for me to pick up past rug hooking projects that need to be completed. Add in snow and I do get honking (at times) on projects.

Back in the old days and my pre-stroke days I could easily read two books a day. It took a long time for the words to settle down and mean something but reading came back — just not as fast. I also got a lot more picky about what I read. Now would be the perfect time to check out our newly redone library and see what they have to offer. The other thing that I got into last fall was checking out the “Little Library” houses around the neighborhood. What treasures some of them had. It is also a super place to take your unwanted books to. The Senior Center is also great for no-cost books.

Don't tell anyone, but I do the PCH thing on the computer. I know the chances of winning are less than 99 points to the trillion, but it is fun and I have learned a lot with the quiz questions. Life is good if one can still dream.

We felt we had to bake and cook for the Christmas season but times are more relaxed now. I am planning on doing some of the favorite Christmas cookies I did not get around to doing for Christmas. (It also helps warm up the house on these cold days). My 2019 Christmas cookie supply is almost gone and the delicious fruit cake from Sister Diane has been gone for weeks. I have noticed a lot of Christmas-related magazines have been returned to the library so now is the time to get hold of them.

My hot chocolate advent package from my sister-in-law Pam got delayed on its way from China so I did not get it in time to use before Christmas. So, I decided to start on Christmas Day and go the other way. I have added that in with the matcha green tea for something to look forward to each day.

I have been embracing the daily nap but have been limiting it to half an hour. Husband Larry takes care of the timing for me. Stay tuned for Instant Pot beginner information next week.