My name is Chad Dull and I proudly serve as the vice president of Academic Affairs at Minnesota State College Southeast in Red Wing and Winona. MSC Southeast is a technical and community college with a mission focused on meeting the needs of our students and our communities. Colleges like ours are an amazing vehicle for social mobility, and we change the future of our students, their families, and the communities we all live in. With a commitment to open access and a belief in the ability of ALL students to succeed, our college is a promise. Let me explain.

MSC Southeast is a promise of opportunity. Technical and community colleges not only welcome all students, we actively want to have a diverse and inclusive student body. We want to be a beacon of opportunity in our communities, and an open door to all is the way we start.

There is no such thing as a “wrong door” at our college. We work toward a deep culture of caring, that we call #MSCSoutheastCares, and it means from the moment you choose us, we are committed to you and the opportunities you seek. A culture of caring means we are invested in your success, and we mark our success by seeing students achieve their goals.

MSC Southeast is a promise of hope. Maybe you are a recent high school graduate who wants to start your college career close to home with faculty and staff who know you by name. Maybe you came from a family like mine, where money wasn’t easy to find, and the hope provided by a college that is affordable is everything. Maybe you have been in the workforce and are ready to do something new or want to advance in the hope of doing more for your family. MSC Southeast is the place hope can become reality. We often talk of our work as trying to help change reality for people we love (yes love) and creating hope for those people is essential. Hope is a powerful thing, and it’s part of the promise of colleges like ours.

When we are young, we are taught that we are to keep our promises. I know MSC Southeast is working every day to keep our promises of hope and opportunity to southeast Minnesota. We are committed to be a vital partner in our communities and an active participant in enhancing the quality of life in our region.

I am anxious to tell you about how we are doing this, and to tell you some of the stories of the amazing students we serve. I want you to get to know the amazing place that is MSC Southeast. I want to tell the story of how we fulfill our promise to students, families and communities every day, and I hope to engage many of you in that discussion in the months and years to come.