Ice, Ice, Ice. I wonder if we have more ice than Iceland! Most of us probably have perfected the “penguin shuffle.” We could enter a contest if one was available in the Twin Cities area and then move on to the state finals just like hockey and basketball. Then we could go one better if there was a national final that would have to be in a place such as upper Michigan, International Falls, Minn., or Buffalo, N.Y. I have not figured out what the rules would be or if cleats would be allowed, but just like a good athlete, keep practicing until all the ice has melted for the season.

Other things happen at about or around ice season time and it looks like Daylight Savings Time is fast approaching. If I remember correctly, it may have to be renamed if they pass a law making it happen year around. There sure are numerous reasons being put out for its year-round implementation, including how much of a pain it is to change the clocks twice a year.

OK, maybe some of us have some weird or antique clocks that get messed up if we fiddle around with time changes. A lot of electronic things are pre-programed to change on their own so you wake up to the correct time. I must admit that sometimes it is necessary to pull out the instruction manual to check how to do the magic time change.

Some people have two sets of time-telling devices so they just change them around when the time comes. Husband Larry and I live in a rural area and we have gotten real good with time changes because of power outages. Got to get that microwave up and running so hot tea water is available in two minutes and have the correct time to see if it has to be consumed in a fast or slow manner.

Another “always there thing” for this time of the year is taxes. They are due April 15 for most people but preparing, worrying and everything else involved can be taking place in this time frame. There might be trillions of words written on this subject but that is all I am going to say about it since it’s a subject that runs very deep. It’s been well over 50 years and I have to keep telling myself to get more organized and have less stress next year but maybe I secretly enjoy the pain.

We do have to work in some joy and food into this conversation and that would lead us to Girl Scout Cookie time! It's been years since I was the “Cookie Mom” and had thousands of cookies at my fingertips but they still sure taste good. When I learned that not all parts of the country sold the same cookies it almost made me travel to check out what else was available.

They do introduce a new flavor every so often, but I sure get worried when they drop one of my favorites. I have done preventive work in case they drop the Thin Mints and will share a recipe in case of change. You will need a bag of the Andes crème de menthe chips (hard to find sometimes) or two boxes of Andes crème de menthe thins and Ritz crackers. I like the honey wheat Ritz. Melt the chips or unwrap the bars to melt. Dip one cracker at a time to cover completely and put on a parchment paper covered baking sheet to set up. Keep dipping until you run out of crackers. If I get fancy I save a few tablespoons of the chips to sprinkle on top of each cookie right after I dip. Hardly have to mess up the kitchen or turn on the oven and you have a big batch of delight.