It's getting that time of year when the winter weather and spring weather mix themselves up and give us samples on an unstructured time frame. Once again, I will say that the heap in the bottom of my small country farmhouse master closet is a blessing. It's all there; just may have to dig a bit.

I had a “book slide” the other day in my writing area. That means things had gotten stacked up really high with great ideas for future writing and/or I had put a small object in the middle of the stack and it decided it wanted out of there. It would not have anything to do with my disorganization. One of the treasures that this slide produced was the National Day Calendar that our cousin Cindy got from the Cambridge, Minn., bank. Oh my, I have been missing so many important things before March 12. Among the gems I have missed were Drinking Straw Day on Jan. 3; Static Electricity Day on Jan. 9; Squirrel Appreciation Day on Jan. 21; Public Sleeping Day on Feb. 28; Panic Day on March 9; and who could forget Worship of Tools Day on March 11.

I did a check to look ahead and see what other important days were coming up and make some suggestions so that you can be real sure not miss a possible important day in your life. We can start with Goof Off Day on March 22; Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day on April 16; Chicken Dance Day on May 14; Pack Rat Day on May 17; followed by No Dirty Dishes Day on May 18.

Maybe next year they will come out with “Week” calendar so we can celebrate an event for a whole week. Of course that would cut down on the events we could take part in but we could Chicken Dance for a whole week.

With spring approaching, the gardening hormones should be coming to life and a large number of plans and dreams should be filling up your head. A large number of veggie garden plants should be started this month so that they will be ready to plant out after the last frost. This would include tomatoes, sweet and hot peppers. Some garden veggies are best planted directly into the soil and things like peas, beets, radishes and dill work best that way. Be sure to check if the direct soil items you are planting out are OK for cool soil or if they need to have warm soil so they do not rot.

Cucumbers, pumpkins and squash seem to work best if they are started directly in warm soil. You can pre-soak in water overnight before you plant the seeds and that will speed up germination. Be sure you leave enough room between plants by checking to see what the expected size is. It can be a real zoo if your summer squash and winter squash are living together. Of course you will know in no time that the thing that got to be a huge club when you turned your back was the summer squash zucchini.

Remember, remember, remember that just because the garden center has the plants for sale it does not mean you have to rush home and plant them on that date. There is a very good chance there will be a number of frost killing days to come before your purchased treasures can be safely put out in your garden. I have friends that have made at least three trips back to the garden center to replace things like tomatoes that got frost killed. Of course it is good for the sales at the store but they do not give those plants away for free to you.

And we are not even going to think to talk about rushing out and raking that yard as soon as almost the last drop of snow and ice goes away.