Q: I would like to know what procedures and steps are in place to ensure that the George Floyd tragedy never occurs in the City of Red Wing?

A: Thank you for the opportunity to address this national concern. I will answer this question in four-parts over the next four weeks.

Part 3 – Background and Probationary Process

Last week we talked about the creation of a hiring list, based on the video testing and interview process. Depending on the number of officer positions that are open, we will notify the first available candidate from the hiring list and provide them a conditional offer of employment.

Conditional offers of employment must be offered before a background, medical physical and psychological testing can be conducted. The first available candidate will be given a background application to complete, with instructions to send the completed application to the background investigator. The background investigator will contact references and previous employers, along with academic institutions to identify any concerns.

The completed background investigation is then provided to the chief of police for further review. Once the background is reviewed for any concerns, the packet and recommendation letter is sent to the human resource office to continue the candidate in the hiring process.

The HR office will then schedule the candidate for a medical physical, physical agility testing and psychological examination.

The physical agility helps to ensure that the candidate is physically fit to perform the essential duties of a patrol officer. The physician reviewing the physical and agility will then determine if the candidate can perform the duties of a patrol officer, with or without accommodations, and provide either a pass/fail back to the city.

The psychological testing is a full day in which the candidate will complete numerous tests, participate in a face-to-face interview with the psychologist, with the results compiled into a report submitted to the Red Wing HR Office, with a recommendation of: not recommended, marginally recommended or recommended. Per Minnesota Peace Officer Standards and Training Board requirements, not recommended shall not be hired.

The psychological report, background and ergometrics tests are then compared to identify any concerns or tendencies that may exist. If no concerns exist, the chief of police provides a recommendation to the HR Office, which in turn receives approval to hire the candidate from the City Council administrator. The candidate is then provided a permanent offer of employment with a hire date to begin employment with the city of Red Wing.

Training begins

Once hired the new officer will be assigned to a field-training officer that is responsible for training the new officer on policies and expectations of the Red Wing Police Department. The new officer will ride with a training officer for a minimum of four months, and then complete another eight months while on probation and meeting regularly with their patrol sergeant to receive feedback as needed.

The final part of the field training and probationary process requires the new officer to demonstrate learned community policing skills by completing a community-policing project in one of our 10 reporting areas. Upon completion of the probationary period, the officer is introduced to the community during the first City Council meeting following the successful completion of probation.

Next week: retention and license maintenance.

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