Q: What types of community engagement does the Red Wing Police Department have with the citizens of Red Wing?

A: Thank you for the opportunity to recognize the department's ongoing community policing efforts with the best community members in Minnesota and in my opinion the nation. I also want to take this opportunity to publically acknowledge the women and men who serve and protect us 365 days a year with a level of professionalism that is second to none.

Do you want to know the reason why Red Wing is a family-friendly, safe community to live in? We work together to make our community a better place to live for all. If you would like to learn more about our programs and efforts, please contact us at 651-267-2600.

Calls of service

As of July 2, 2020, we had received 6,587 calls for service or approximately 36 calls per day. (ongoing)

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Citizen engagement

  • "Ask the Chief" a weekly column in the Republican Eagle and on-line blog. (since 2017)
  • Police Citizen Academy (an annual event)
  • "Night to Unite" (an annual event)
  • "Coffee with a Cop." (ongoing)
  • River City Days booth (an annual event)
  • Tip-A-Cop (an annual event for Special Olympics Minnesota)
  • Grinchmas Photo Booth (an annual event)
  • Guns vs Hoses fundraiser for the United Way (an annual event supporting Packing for the Weekend)
  • Summer Conversations (summer of 2019 only)
  • National Police Week (an annual event)
  • Cops and Kids Christmas Shopping (a Fraternal Order of Police annual event)
  • Trunk or Treat (we hope to implement this fall)
  • Church and civic group presentations (ongoing)
  • COVID birthday parades (during lockdown)
  • Community parades (annual events)

Youth education

  • Gang Resistance Education and Traning programs (life skills, fifth and seventh grades)
  • Law Enforcement Explorer Program (career exploration ages 14 - 21)
  • Bike Rodeo (an annual event)
  • Bike Helmet Ice Cream coupons (seasonal)
  • Police badge stickers (ongoing)
  • Reading to youth (ongoing)

Citizen education and enforcement

  • Crime Free Multi-Housing Program (ongoing)
  • Toward Zero Death program (traffic safety, annually)
  • Hands-Free (ongoing)
  • Neighborhood meetings (ongoing)
  • Neighborhood assigned officers (ongoing)
  • Residential Surveys
  • Police Ride-along program (ongoing)
  • Community member officer applicant interview participation (ongoing)
  • Drug Court (ongoing)

Business engagement

  • Crime prevention tips with the chamber of commerce (ongoing)
  • Alcohol compliance programs (ongoing)
  • Tobacco compliance programs (ongoing)
  • Pawnshops stolen item recovery program (ongoing)
  • Business surveys (ongoing)
  • Emergency planning for businesses (ongoing)

Community boards/groups

  • Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Board (ongoing)
  • Every Hand Joined Board (ongoing)
  • Community Awareness & Emergency Response (CAER, ongoing)


1. www.red-wing.org/Blog.aspx?CID=4

“Ask The Chief” allows readers access to useful information about law enforcement issues in Red Wing. This communication tool has been developed to enhance community policing efforts by providing residents and visitors with the opportunity to ask questions about local laws, programs and the department in general.

Submit your question to askthe.policechief@ci.red-wing.mn.us.

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