Q: Does Red Wing require dogs and cats to be licensed and, if so, how can we get a license for our pet?

A: Great question as unlicensed pets is something the Red Wing Police Department deals with quite often. In 2019, RWPD handled 513 calls for service involving pets at large (running loose, not controlled by leash) or unlicensed. We also responded to 27 Animal Bite cases in 2019 and, if you cannot produce proof of rabies vaccination for your pet, it must be quarantined.

City of Red Wing Code, Section 10.06 states that it is unlawful for the owner of any dog or cat 6 months of age or more to fail to obtain a license therefor from Red Wing Animal Control Unit or its designee. The city designee is the River Bluffs Humane Society located at 1213 Brick Ave. A household may not have more than three dogs over the age of 6 months.

Pet license shall expire when the next rabies inoculation is due. You must have proof of rabies vaccination, which is the rabies vaccination certificate provided by your veterinarian. You may have your vet email the rabies certificate to the River Bluffs Humane Society at info@rbhspets.org.

The fee schedule or cost to license your pet consists of a one-time fee of $5 for cost of the tag (if initial tag is lost, there is a $5 replacement fee when renewing). The annual pet license fee is $10 per year for pets that are spayed/neutered. Intact pet license fees are $20 per year. Example: if your pet's rabies vaccination is good for three years, and your pet is intact (capable of producing offspring) the total license cost is $60, if your pet were spayed/neutered, it would be $30.

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Thank you again for your question and if you have any further questions regarding your pet(s), feel free to contact the River Bluffs Humane Society at 651-388-5286 or RWPD community service officer Matison Schoeder at 651-267-2609.


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