Q: Is there a city code against residents storing old tires on their property?

A: Yes, there is, under Chapter 10, Public Protection, Crimes and Offenses, under Section 10.21, Junk Items Stored on Public or Private Property, old tires that are worn out and no longer used for their intended purpose are considered “junk.”

Section 10.21, Subdivision 2: It is unlawful to park or store any junk on any property, public or private, unless fully enclosed within a lawfully erected building. The first violation of this subdivision by any person shall be punished as a petty misdemeanor. The second and any subsequent violations of this subdivision by the same person within a 12-month period shall be punished as a misdemeanor.

If you are in doubt or have questions if a property would be in violation of the city’s junk ordinance, please contact the Red Wing Police Department, Community Service Officer Matison Schoeder at 651-267-2609 or via email at Matison.schoeder@ci.red-wing.mn.us.


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1. Red Wing City Code, Chapter 10, Public Protection, Crimes and Offenses, Section 10.21, Junk Items Stored on Private or Public Property.

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