Q: I recently saw a bow hunter emerge from the woods behind Village Drive and Cobblestone Court and was wondering if it is legal to hunt within the city limits

A: Yes, Red Wing allows a City Special Hunt – Archery (bow) hunt only, in selected areas from April 15 to Dec. 31, 2020. Archery deer hunt is from Sept. 19 to Dec, 31, 2020.

Hunters must comply with all Minnesota Department of Natural Resources' rules and regulations in addition to the city special hunt rules. Hunters must have a Wing Special Hunt license, which may be obtained from Four Seasons Sports, 2301 Old West Main St. Prior to obtaining their license, hunters must demonstrate proficiency with their bow at Four Seasons Sports.

While hunting on public property, all hunting must be done from at least five feet above the ground. Anytime you are not 5 feet above the ground while on public property, your bow must be in a legal bow case as defined by state law. Hunters must not discharge a bow within 150 feet of any inhabited structure without the written permission of the owner, occupant, or lessee.

There is no hunting from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Memorial Park or on Coon Hill. Hunters leaving or entering those areas during these times shall keep their bow in a legal bow case at all times.

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In the 1990s, as a response to extensive deer complaints relating to flower and shrub destruction and traffic safety, Red Wing established an archery deer hunting program within areas of the city that were previously closed to all hunting. The program was expanded in 1998 to include intensive harvest permits (now called bonus permits) from the DNR. These permits allow a single hunter to harvest up to five deer, but only one buck, within the archery zone, and the availability of these permits substantially increased participation.

The permits and allocations can change each year as determined by the DNR to properly manage deer herds. In 2019, there were 109 hunters licensed for the city special hunt and they removed 58 deer from the City.


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