We were happy to write this week about the success story that is Jeff Wynne.

After a tough life abusing drugs and alcohol, and after spending time behind bars in Dakota County, Wynne has turned his life around.

As if that weren't enough, he began a number of efforts to assist inmates at the jail.

Finally, he started an organization that helps them get some solid footing when they are released from jail.

That work has led to the Red Cross declaring him a hero. They will honor him in June during an awards breakfast at Target Field.

Wynne deserves a big pat on the back for his efforts. Not only is he giving inmates support while they are in jail, but he's providing very valuable services to them when they get out. Earlier this year, he helped provide Easter baskets to the children whose fathers were at the jail. He's also done work to ensure the children get Christmas presents from their fathers.

Wynne is now at work on his biggest effort -- getting a working farm up and running. The farm would be staffed by former inmates. It would give them a place to stay and a job to perform so that they can be productive members of society again.

Congratulations to Jeff Wynne and congratulations to the Dakota County Sheriff's Office for working with him so closely to ensure his programs get in front of inmates in Hastings.