While the discussion Monday night was brief, we are incredibly excited about the prospects of a pavilion at Levee Park in downtown Hastings.

The Hastings Area Rotary Club came to the city council on Monday to seek council support for its fundraising efforts. The Rotary has already committed $50,000 for the project, which they estimate will cost $450,000.

We haven’t seen the design yet, but we are excited to see what the new feature will look like and how it will fit in the park. The plans were presented to the city by the Rotary earlier this month.

Again, it’s premature to begin saving your spot for the first outdoor concert along the river or planning your family reunion picnic, but the fact that the Rotary is moving forward with this project is exciting.

We sincerely applaud the Rotary for stepping up and taking on such an ambitious project.

Community service organizations such as the Rotary play an integral role in our community, and this project is evidence of that. 

We’ve heard hundreds of times that Hastings lacks a strong riverfront presence. This pavilion would be a step in the right direction when it comes to fixing that problem, and could be a first step in revitalizing the rest of the downtown riverfront.

We expect more details to come out soon regarding the pavilion. It is likely that we will hear more about it at an upcoming meeting of the Parks and Recreation Committee.  Once the pavilion is built, the Rotary Club would turn it over to the city.

Now that’s community service.