Minnesota Miracle? Hardly.

Minnesota Nice? Not a chance.

Minnesota Mud? That's more like it right now since our state government is mired in it.

Gov. Mark Dayton, a Democrat, and Republican leaders who control both legislative chambers fought bitterly over their respective budget proposals before reaching a deal (of sorts) on a $46 billion two-year budget that will take effect in July.

Getting there took an immediate special session after the regular session ended May 22 with the main objective incomplete. State lawmakers waded through more muck, missing an agreed upon deadline, but finally passing a bill in the wee hours May 26.

Things turned muddier this week when Dayton signed the bill but used his (alleged) powers to eliminate spending for the House and Senate.

Did he have the authority do so? Was the action constitutional?

Regardless of whether the answer to both questions is yes, he was wrong. So much for respecting the shared powers outlined in the Minnesota Constitution. He apparently didn't respect even his fellow DFL leaders in the Senate and House enough to warn them that he was going to defund their offices. Message: If you won't go with what the governor demands, you'll get nothing.

Restoring the balance of power likely will fall to our third branch: The Minnesota Judicial System.

Be thankful we have one.