Americans love their local news. They take pride in it, too.

A recent Gallup/Knight study indicates that 86% of Americans think people should have access to local news. Of those people polled in the study released in November, 76% said they need local and state news to be informed.

This comes as people also are realizing that they should be skeptical of the news posted on social media.

Two Pew studies released in June and October found that the majority of Americans say:

  • That social media companies have too much control over the news on their sites (66%)

  • That the role social media companies play in delivering the news results in a worse mix of topics for users (55%)

  • That made-up news is as big a problem for them as terrorism, illegal immigration, racism and sexism.

  • That made-up news and information affects their confidence in government institutions (68%).

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Contrast that to a key finding of Gallup/Knight: in addition to relying on local and state news to be informed, 59% of Americans see their local newspaper as an important symbol of civic pride.

That is heartening news, indeed, as we head into a new decade and the 2020 election. We hope you will continue to turn to your local newspaper for news you want and need, and we ask that you continue to share your views through letters to the editor on the issues facing our communities today and for years to come.