Leap year brings with it an extra day and, some cynics might say, those extra 24 hours bring with them just what we didn’t want -- more campaigning. Leap year comes every four years, just like the presidential election does.

Leap year and leap day, in particular, can be much more. One can have some fun but also give serious reflection to 2020 still ahead.

Take a leap.

As tempting telling Democrats and Republicans alike to “take a leap” may be, apply the phrase to yourself. Jump across the divide.

Engage in constructive, open-minded conversations with people who might not think the way you do. Together through debate and dialogue we make democracy better. Without them, democracy withers and dies.

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Make the leap.

Jump into something new.

Get involved in a local civic group. You can make a difference right here, right now. Kiwanis, Lions, Rotary, the list goes on. Collectively, we can do more as a group than we can alone.

If you aren’t ready for full membership in some organization, try volunteering. The United Way, our local schools and our churches can always put your skills and time to good use. Some projects take an afternoon, others a few days. Give that 366th day away.

How about a quantum leap?

Sometimes a sudden change is a good thing. Beyond the physics of it -- a quantum leap being the abrupt change of a particle from one state to another -- how about broaden your perspective by attending a live performance at the Sheldon Theatre or University of Wisconsin-River Falls. Read a new author. Take in an art exhibit at the spur of the moment. Challenge your perspective through travel and new dining experiences.

Don’t leap to conclusions.

Don’t believe everything you see and hear. Keep the emotion out or at least change it.

In this era fraught with short tempers, rude behavior and bullying, think twice.

Could you say something in a kinder way or deliver a message with humor? Hey, the joke is on the other guy who can’t see the bigger world.

Look before you leap.

Sometimes you need to give things consideration.

Take a leap of faith.

And sometimes you should do something even if there’s no guarantee that it will work out. That might be personal such as heading back to school or professional like opening a business or exploring an innovative idea. Entrepreneurship is essential to our economic growth. Without people following a dream or innovating, where would we be? Better yourself and better your community.

Saturday is Feb. 29, leap day. Make the most of it and then do the same with leap year’s 306 days yet to come.