One state is wide open, courtesy of a court order.

One state is peeling back restrictions, but not masks -- not yet.

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a public health fault line -- something we typically think of as the innocuous Minnesota-Wisconsin line. More than 30 percent of us go back and forth daily, whether for work or play, and many of us gave that crossing little thought before the stay-at-home and stay-safe orders.

Now, residents in our border communities find themselves in a quandary. Which rules do we follow … and when? What are our responsibilities to our neighbors across the street and our neighbors across the river?

If we aren’t asking ourselves those questions every day, we should be: If too many of us do the wrong thing, upheaval will result.

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Regardless of which state we call home, the goal of getting through this crisis should unite us. A key component must be respect -- respect for everyone’s health, respect for others’ fears, respect for CDC and state guidelines, whether those guidelines are an executive order or strongly recommended. And we must accept that this pandemic isn’t going to end soon.

We should do our best to follow health experts’ recommendations to the best of our ability, because whether you call the Badger State or the Gopher State home, health officials' consensus on these recommendations is the same.

Our behaviors shouldn’t cross the boundary of commonsense.