What does the rioting that occurred this week in Washington, D.C., have to do with your hometown government? Potentially, everything. That’s because anything that threatens our democracy threatens our way of life, and no government affects daily life more than local government does.

Public outcry at the mob’s storming of the U.S. Capitol has been vociferous, as it should be. The focus has been on the national arena, but citizens should pause to remember that it is the complex and strong web of local and state governments that shore up our national one. All must work in tandem to make our democracy flourish.

Ask yourself this question: What would we do if a similar mob breached a county government center or courthouse, city or town hall, school boardroom, law enforcement center, armory or more?

Each one of us has a responsibility to make a stand against any attempt to overturn the collective will of a free people.

That stand should include passage of strong statements by local councils and boards at their next meetings, followed by action -- lessons in the classroom, respect in public debate, equity in programs and a renewed commitment to a better community, state, nation, and world. Keeping silent is complicit.

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We grow impatient when local boards spend time passing grandstand resolutions that fall out of their jurisdiction. Such pontifications waste precious time. Make no mistake, however, this is a local issue.

Where would the threat to democracy stop?

We know where the defense of democracy begins: Right here in our hometown.