Health reform in Minnesota is sick. When the “experts” upended the system, they said it was necessary to helping the roughly 10 percent of uninsured Americans at the time to obtain health care. Today, we’re finding out that nothing is more expensive than “affordable care.”

MNSure is a case in point. When forming the costly agency, Gov. Dayton and fellow DFLers said it would enroll 450,000 Minnesotans by 2016. Last week however, after blowing over $200 million dollars and suffering through one web site fiasco after another, the incompetents at MNSure literally celebrated 85,000 enrollments. Does anyone need a calculator?

Instead of congratulating themselves, proponents of this mess should reflect on the more than 140,000 Minnesotans thrown off their previously affordable insurance because of Obamacare’s onerous mandates. Indeed, those same mandates caused individual market premiums to spike 41 percent this year. For me and everyone else, using MNSure has been an arduous journey of waiting on hold and getting transferred to people who ultimately couldn’t help. Now we also learned last week the “experts” at MNSure wasted up to $271 million intended to help low income Minnesotans receive care by refusing to check whether those they misdirecting it to even qualified.

It’s time to end this mess, and shut down MNSure. The same services and subsidies MNSure offers are available via the federal exchange. To do that, we need to return accountability to Saint Paul.

As member of the Farmington School Board for five years, Melissa Sauser has proven her ability to listen to constituents, study the facts and make the right decisions. Sauser now seeks the Republican endorsement for State Senate in District 58. Please join me in supporting her at the caucus on March 1, and in the general election next fall. Let’s make Minnesota government work for us again.

Lynn Halterman,