When selecting a candidate for the upcoming election for Senate District 58, the DFL took their cues from left wing extremists like Mark Dayton and Bernie Sanders. Matt Little, mayor of Lakeville, is unopposed because he promises to be a reliable vote for the urban special interests and organized labor.

Little would support priorities like the phony “election” recently, which threatens to force thousands of private daycare providers into a government union. Doing so could divert millions of dollars to the DFL, instead of its intended purpose helping low income families afford child care. Daycares get nothing in return. This charade is part of Governor Dayton’s campaign and promises to help government union leaders become more powerful by fighting on their behalf against taxpayers and the public interest.

DFLers direct public money to government unions, which then finance DFL campaigns. It’s a disgraceful cycle. Raising gas taxes (again), increasing regulatory burdens on businesses and forcing more unfunded mandates like universal pre-K on our school districts advances the same self-serving cause at the expense of families, entrepreneurs and children.

To keep this going they need Matt Little. While he’s an exceptional self-promoter, he has no relevant experience standing up to authority or coping with misguided policies handed down by the politicians in Saint Paul. The DFL know Little is a garden variety liberal they can count on to go along.

On March 1, Republicans had a chance to select a candidate who will stand up to Mark Dayton and the DFL’s reckless priorities. In her five years on the Farmington School Board, Melissa Sauser helped improve the district’s financial health and worked with educators to better our schools. She’s also worked with the Minnesota School Boards Association to advocate for more equitable state funding and to encourage policies that increase local control over schools.

Melissa Sauser is the only candidate who can defeat Matt Little and his self-interested backers. Please join me in supporting Melissa Sauser for Minnesota State Senate. Let’s return accountability to Saint Paul, and get Minnesota pointed in the right direction.

Christy Jo Fogarty,