City of River Falls residents have an opportunity to express their displeasure with the U.S. Supreme Court decision known as Citizens United.

That ruling said that corporations, unions, Super PACS, etc., have the rights of persons, that money is speech, and therefore their financial contributions to political campaigns via Super PACS, etc., can’t be limited.

This allows the Koch brothers, for example, to pledge nearly a billion dollars to influence the outcome of fall’s national elections.

The flood of big money pouring into politics is drowning our democracy.

We are part of a non-partisan citizens group organized to overturn the Citizens United decision and reclaim the liberties and privileges guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution for real people.

This is beginning with the opportunity for you to sign a petition to have a referendum on the ballot here in River Falls that will eventually lead to a U.S. constitutional amendment overturning the Citizens United decision.

Over 660 cities, towns, and other governmental organizations in the U.S. and 60 cities and local governments here in Wisconsin have already passed similar referendums – including the city of Janesville, home of U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan.

This should indicate that there is substantial bipartisan support for such an effort.

If you haven’t already signed near a polling place at the April 5 election, watch for an opportunity during the next few weeks to sign the petition being circulated by local volunteers.

The completed petitions will be presented to the City Council and begin the process of getting the referendum on the ballot locally for the November election.

You can also contact me at or 715-425-5391 (you may have to leave a message). I will help you find a way to sign.



--Lou Greub,  River Falls