To the editor:

The Minnesota Legislature did get its work done this past session, in spite of obstacles put in the way by our governor. The following is a list of some their accomplishments they did get done:

• Largest tax relief in two decades amounting to $650 million.

• Largest investment in roads and bridge infrastructure with no tax or fee increases.

• The state will not pay for Southwest LRT operating costs.

• Health care premium relief for individual insurance market.

• For-profit HMOs may now offer health plans in Minnesota.

• Reinsurance bill to stabilize MNSure and health insurance market.

• Real ID passed - opt-in.

• Sunday liquor sales approved.

• Technology improvement: Minnesota will lead the way with 5G cellphone service, which will be much faster.

• Education: The general fund formula was improved to give more local control to school boards.

• Repeal of LIFO - (last in, first out seniority rules) to keep the best teachers in the classroom.

• Teacher licensure reform to get more quality teachers from professions to help fill teacher shortage.

• Grow your own program: mentor, train and educate school staff from the community who would make good teachers.

In particular, I would like to applaud Rep. Kelly Fenton for her hard work in making sure that our hard-earned taxpayer dollars are spent wisely.

Betty Marquardt