We'll be left to pay the interest


The recent Foxconn manufacturing deal for Wisconsin has been in the news recently. It supposedly is the best deal for Wisconsin since Scott Walker was elected governor.

In response for a promise to start up a large, new manufacturing plant somewhere in S.E Wisconsin to make LCD flat screen monitors such as used in iPhones, the state taxpayers will pony up $3 billion in economic incentives to the company. That on top of needed additional highway infrastructure construction (for the project) and freedom from most environmental responsibilities in building the facilities.

According to our Legislative Fiscal Bureau's estimate the state would break even on this incentive package in about the year 2043, and that is only if the new plant actually employs 13,000 people. Even then the incentive package would come at a cost of $230,000 per job! Yes, Wisconsin badly needs more jobs but here we are dealing with a rather unscrupulous Chinese firm with a poor reputation for carrying out promises of establishing manufacturing in the U.S. Check with Pennsylvania.

We should have an ironclad guarantee from Foxconn to do what they promise or suffer serious penalties. So far I believe our Assembly has passed the incentive package with little or no penalty attached for failing to deliver. Our western Wisconsin Republican Assemblymen, including Shannon Zimmerman, have already voted to approve it but they and Sheila Harsdorf, if she votes for it which she will if Walker and Fitzgerald want it, should explain to us where the $3 billion is coming from.

If someone proposed a bill that provided that kind of support for education or health care in the state, they all would have a fit. Are they going to take it from funds for education or health care? From the road building funds? Are they going to tax the rich, the working class, homeowners, or corporations? Are they going to borrow it - the most likely scenario? That would leave us, our children, and our grandchildren to pay the interest.

Lou Greub

River Falls




Foxconn will benefit the whole state


First and foremost, I am doing this as an individual and citizen and not as a part of any organization. I am extremely excited about Foxconn coming to Wisconsin. What a great honor it is to have them as a part of our great state.

The package being voted on would create 13,000 jobs for the state and most importantly have their LCD panels made right here in America. According to an article by the Associated Press the package would create incentives for capital investments and factory payroll. I am grateful for these incentives and I think they are great but I am also wondering about the potential for partnerships and disability initiatives.

There is a tremendous pool of candidates in our workforce of all abilities and I was wondering if they could put an incentive in the package or ask Foxconn about their disability initiative. I am tremendously grateful for the potential of Foxconn. Foxconn will not only benefit the southeastern portions of Wisconsin but will benefit the whole state and America.

Ramsey Lee





All must share in the bounty


In response to the letter written by Darla Meyers re: Exclusive Resolution, I just don't know where to start. The goal of the resolution is to work to ensure that all those leading legal lives in our community feel safe and welcome. It is intended to be a guide, not a dictate or law, a standard that can help guide our city as it shapes our future. It doesn't take the rights away from anyone.

If taken to heart, it will challenge us to rise above creating anti-muslim sentiment by the consistent references to Sharia Law. It will challenge us to rise up when someone brings a "Sodomy has no place..." sign or "Sodom and Gomorra" titled fliers to a Common Council meeting.

It appears the intent of some of those opposed to this resolution is to spread FUD, fear, uncertainty and double. Nothing in this endeavor runs counter to the U.S. or State constitutions. To get to this conclusion, it seems that one must first assume that the hidden agenda of this resolution is to make Hudson a Sanctuary City, a concept spread only by opponents. By the way, many of us are quite pleased that our U.S. Constitution provided the pathway for both women's reproduction rights and legal same-sex marriage in all 50 states.

There is a process that must unfold here. Language changes are certainly needed to ensure the

resolution meets the intended objectives while minimizing unintended consequence. I am hoping that the initial thoughts of the Honorable City Attorney will be augmented with a researched opinion that includes an assessment of how other communities that have followed down this path have fared.

I, like most Hudson residents, have experienced Hudson as a welcoming community. That said, being a middle-class, straight, white, Christian grandfather, I know it is likely different for my browner brother and sisters, non-Christians, and those who don't fit the traditional definitions of family or gender identity just to name just a few. When our constitution was written it declared that "all men are created equal" without really meaning it. Let's make sure that when we say Hudson is a Welcoming Community, all share in this bounty.

John Ramstad





Demonizing good people


The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) hopes you do not discover who they are and what they stand for. Guest columnist Keith Rodli, in his column "A Glass Half Full," states that, according to the SPLC, there are 917 hate groups we need to be concerned about. It is time to expose one of the biggest hate groups, but you won't find it on the SPLC list.

Thankfully the FBI and other law enforcement agencies no longer rely on the SPLC data. Unfortunately, after Charlottesville, CNN republished their "hate map," giving them a boost of publicity as well as increased funding.

Although some genuinely evil groups show up on Southern Poverty Law Center website, you will also find faith-based groups and conservatives intermingled with the KKK and black separatists.

You would recognize many of the alleged haters and/or "extremists" who have made the list(s), such as Dr. Ben Carson, the American Family Association, David Horowitz, Family Research Council, Traditional Values Coalition, Oath Keepers, David Barton, Lt. Gen. William G. Boykin (Ret.), American Border Patrol, LDS Church, and Bill Parks (who ran for Pierce County Sheriff), just to name a few.

I'm sure if they had the time, they would add every conservative, every "Christian Identity adherent" (quoting their website) and every pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, pro-American, pro-legal immigration organization and church to its list. Do you see the pattern?

I believe the Southern Poverty Law Center started out with good intentions. It still does in a few areas. But when they get it wrong and intentionally lie, slander, and demonize good people and organizations, they need to be called out.

D. James Kennedy Ministries has now filed suit against the SPLC. It's about time.

Pat Sabin