As a former superintendent of South Washington County Schools, I know how important it is to have outstanding school board members who are on the board to serve the students in our district. Sharon Van Leer is doing an outstanding job working on behalf of the residents of our school district. She has been on the board for the past four years. Prior to being elected to the board, Sharon served on the School District Foundation Board and on the district's equity advisory board. Her commitment to our schools has been ongoing and she has earned the respect of the teaching staff and the administrative team. She has served the YMCA, the Washington County Parent Association, and the St. Paul Cancer Society. She is on the staff at the William Mitchell-Hamline School of Law since 1991.

She knows that her job on the board is to provide a quality education for all the students of our district. She studies the issues before the board and is not quiet when it comes to demanding what is best for our students. She supports the district when it is deserved and will demand improvement and fairness when necessary.

We live in one of the best school districts in Minnesota. To continue this tradition of excellence we need to elect quality leadership to serve on the School Board. Sharon Van Leer is seeking re-election to the School Board. She has proven herself deserving of our support.

Tom Nelson


Nelson is retired District 833 superintendent