What's happening at City Hall?

Can someone please explain to me what is going on at the Hastings City offices? It seems numerous people have left or been fired within the past three years affecting not only the individuals, but also their families.

Sylvia Kelly


Strong community needs strong schools

You need a strong school system to be a strong community. The city of Hastings and its surrounding townships certainly qualify. I loved growing up here and have been happy with my decision to raise my family here. Although, I do not have children in the school system any longer and will be leaving the school board in a few months, I am still passionate about living in a strong community that has a strong school system.

Our facilities speak volumes about our community and its priorities. When you walk into a school to attend an event, you often walk away knowing something about that community. Our wonderful high school for example leaves a positive impression on people, although not so much when we have garbage cans out to collect water from roof leaks. Let's protect our investments by voting "yes" on the upcoming bond question.

Also, please vote "yes" on the operating levy question. The facilities are important, by voting for the operating levy you are supporting the education that is going on within the facility. Currently, Hastings offers broad experiences to its students. We have the academics, arts and athletics as high priorities. We have some of the best industrial technology exposures I have seen at the secondary school level. We need to continue that commitment and continue to offer our students these enriching exploratory experiences.

Lastly, I just want to thank everyone for your support during my 12 years on the Hastings School Board. It has been an honor representing you at the board table.

Dan Cater

Hastings School Board member

Support Waits for School Board

In the past few months, I have had the pleasure to get to know Kelsey Waits who is running for Hastings School Board. As a mother of two elementary-aged children, each with their own special needs, she has learned what it means to be a parent advocate. She embodies great dedication to her children and the insightfulness to realize how school district policies could potentially impact their lives over the years to come and wants to make a difference.

Being on the City Council this past year, one particular issue that has struck me as a high priority is doing more to entice young residents to stay in our community and raise their children here. Hastings continues to experience declining enrollment as the 19-to-30-year-old demographic also continues to decline. Kelsey immediately raised this concern to me as a young parent herself, recognizing that the school district and the council should be working proactively together to address this problem.

I have no doubt that Kelsey will bring fresh intelligent perspective to the Hastings School Board. Furthermore, I anticipate she will prove to be a valuable asset to our community for years to come. To learn more about Kelsey visit on www.facebook.com/kelseywaitsMN.

Tina Folch

Hastings City Council member, Ward 1