Limiting influence of big money in government


Wisconsin's District 10 Senate race is a national phenomenon. Patty Schachtner won despite being outspent by her opponent's big money donations."

Wisconsin United to Amend believes the win by a candidate with less big money is empowering

at a time when we are all worn down by the mess in government and politics.

The overall pattern of influence in United States election points to a tiny percent of Americans

providing large financial contributions that impact legislation and election results. Money

influencing elections is not coming from people in our communities. The big donations come

from a very small number of people and corporations.

A 2010 (and earlier) U.S. Supreme Court decision created a government that serves powerful

domestic and foreign special interests; NOT the American people.

On April 3, 2018, voters in St. Croix County have the opportunity to vote "Yes" and join 117+

Wisconsin localities and 26 states who support a U.S. constitutional amendment to limit the

influence of money in politics.

A vote "YES" on the County ballot means:

• Constitutional rights are for people, not unions or corporations

• Limiting the influence of political spending is NOT limiting free speech

• Government by the People and for the People

The issue of dark money influencing politics transcends party. Learn more about how voting can

make a difference at All are welcome to join the effort.

Who knows, maybe we can even step over the unfortunate line that divides some of us into

separate political and economic camps. We might feel more strongly that we are one


New Richmond Area United to Amend encourages people to vote Yes April 3, to limiting the

influence of big money in our government.

Carol Jones

Erin Prairie Township

New Richmond

Political muck mailings


With the special state Senate election over, I'd like to make some observations regarding the many mailings that we received.

These purposely grimy looking, over-sized postcards with their staged photos obviously contained incomplete information that was taken out of context. Thus, said information was misleading and, frankly, looked and "smelled" like wet manure from a CAFO. Indeed, after seeing the first one, all of the other mailings were gingerly carried by a corner of the card and tossed directly into the garage trash bin.

Whomever wrote and printed these mailings, surely your mothers must be greatly disappointed with you.

Whatever happened to: if you can't say anything nice about someone, you shouldn't say anything at all, or let those who are free of sin cast the first muck balls?

I don't know about the rest of you, but to me, an independent, political party free voter, the past and present campaigning style of PACs similar to these is causing me to view all Republicans in the same, albeit stereotypical, negative vein: victory at any cost, damned the honesty and morality, full speed ahead.

Sometimes I fear that the system is being tampered with and that the government of, by and for the people is, indeed, in the process of vanishing from this earth.

Kurt Sroka