To the editor:

A Harley rider once told me what it was like to go to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. I found it interesting that Harley riders enjoy a feeling of being part of something larger, a sort o brotherhood of bikers who love their bikes and the experience of riding.

He told me about a mechanical problem he experienced several times, on the 600-mile trip home. Everytime he had to pull onto the shoulder, other Harley riders would stop to offer help. Stories, like his, help us see the benefits of belonging to a group whose members share similarities.

Our beloved country was founded on shared principles and ideals, and grew to become a super power.

Today, all too often people are sorted by race, gender, religion, income and politics to war against other groups of people who are different. As a result, life itself has been devalued and regard for others yields to individual ambition.

In my opinion, politicians are generally blinded by an agenda of self-promotion, with an intent to build their own power. They seem more concerned with process than achieving an outcome fulfilling the will of the electorate. To their advantage, the bipolar division of political parties provides both a rallying cry, and a scapegoat. Accountability can be denied or accepted, at will. Will we be found blameless,when our children and grandchildren find themselves shackled to a life sentence of debt servitude, from which they realized no benefit and we did nothing to stop?

Does a moral citizenry turn a blind eye to politicians serving corporate interests at the expense of the people's?

Can a relative handful of centralized authoritarians, many hundreds of miles away, effectively manage the personal lives of 330 million people?

Even though the states created the federal government, the federal government tramples the 10th Amendment and Bill of Rights to reign supreme over state and individual.The status quo increases the burden our posterity will be forced to bear. Shall we continue in our sin?

A nonpartisan, grassroots group called Convention of States, whose solution is endorsed by great minds, from James Madison to Mark Levin, is the means to end federal exploitation. I checked them out at and you can too, if you appreciate a group that still cares about others.

Scott Thomson

Maiden Rock