How many deaths are enough?

Thoughts and prayers.... Thoughts and prayers.... Thoughts and prayers.... Is this all we can do after yet another mass shooting? Seventeen children killed at a high school. And we say our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Legislators on the state and national level, you have the power to do something regarding gun violence. If you have the courage to stand up and say "enough," we could enact legislation that would reduce gun deaths. Is there no public health issue here? Is there no public safety issue here? Does the NRA control all the power to legislate in this country? AR-15s were used in mass shootings in Aurora, Orlando, Sandy Hook, a Texas church, San Bernardino and Parkland. Is this a gun for hunting or self-defense? If not, why the easy access?

Do we care enough to do something or do we simply wait for the next mass shooting so we can offer thoughts and prayers? Thoughts and prayers for the children of this country.

Judy Whalen


Keep the focus local

I recently renewed my subscription to the Woodbury Bulletin, expecting to read about local events in a community of almost 70,000 people. The Feb. 14 edition of the Bulletin reflects my increasing disappointment with my subscription. Page 3 contained a lengthy Fargo News Service story about the mayor of North Branch running for Congress in northern Minnesota. Page 5 contained a story about Michelle Fischbach of Paynesville continuing to serve as both a state senator and as Lt. Governor, a story covered numerous times by the Star Tribune and Pioneer Press.

Page 6 contained three articles from the Fargo News Service about a teen shooting in Clay County (Moorhead), a murder in Thief River Falls, and ex-St.Paul mayor Coleman's decision to bow out of the Governor's race. Page 8 also contained a Fargo News Service story about an ex-Stillwater mayor being sentence to prison, a story covered at length by the Pioneer Press. What do these stories have to do with Woodbury? Are they simply filler material from other news sources?

I want local news from my local newspaper. That used to be the case with the Bulletin during my 46 years as a Woodbury resident. I note that the Woodbury office of the Bulletin is closing and the news team moved to Hastings. Really?

Hap LeVander