Be the America our immigrant ancestors came here to find


President Trump admires dictators like Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un. They have complete control of their people and government. Trump is turning Democrats and Republicans against one another with his rallies, lies and tweets.

We are being pulled into his madness. He now has control of the Supreme Court and will continue to appoint judges to gain further control of the justice system of the United States.

Once that task is complete, the media will come under attack. Broadcast licenses will be revoked using fabricated allegations. Print media will collapse using the same methods.

A crippling recession will follow exacerbated by global trade wars and tariffs. All this will occur while we are being fed lies that the real danger is immigration.

America was created by immigrants fleeing from oppression. All Americans should want the America that our immigrant ancestors worked for, fought for, and died for, not the Donald Trump America of hatred, fear and bigotry, certainly and most positively, not a dictatorship.

Roger Schlemmer


If employers follow hiring laws, nation will be better off


Why is it OK for a company to break the law by knowingly hiring undocumented workers but not OK for the workers to be "undocumented"? Many companies hire workers without legal documentation without following easy ways to vet them before they start employment, including E-Verify.

U.S. employers are prohibited from hiring any individual, including a U.S. citizen, without verifying his or her identity and employment authorization on Form I-9. Evading this practice has been going on for years and the companies are seldom held accountable for their version of "breaking the law." The companies hire undocumented individuals for low pay and often under horrible working conditions. It is time to enforce penalties for these businesses breaking the law.

ICE should be required to be as aggressive with owners of companies who hire these "undocumented" individuals for many years instead of the current aggressive tactics at the border. Many businesses probably wouldn't survive if they paid a fair wage to U.S. citizens. Is that why this unlawful practice has been swept under the rug so long? A crackdown on these companies would quickly compel our government to find a solution of fairness for all employees.

We likely would encourage immigrants to come here and welcome them into a system to be valued as new citizens and employees. If we want to make America "great again" it won't depend on the color of one's skin or proclaimed religion. It will likely depend on how we treat workers and how we hold businesses accountable to follow the law.

Shirley Matzek


Reactionary politics creates greater polarization


The River Falls resident isn't alone with her rhetoric comparing the Trump policy to Nazi policy. Liberal TV channels spew anger and ranting aimed at President Donald Trump for inheriting a situation made worse by former President Barack Obama.

Americans are not anti-immigration. We are simply fed up with people breaking the law and pouring into our country without permission.

To argue this law is in any way akin to Nazi policy isn't just stupid, it's disgusting. The Nazis weren't particularly concerned with temporarily separating children from parents supposedly to protect children from the abuses of detainment, which was the Ninth Circuit's rationale. The Nazi policy was not to keep children with parents to alleviate their suffering, which is the Trump administration's newly stated executive policy. The Nazi policy was to murder children and parents.

Furthermore, comparing Trump policy to Nazi policy turns ICE agents into Nazis - an argument which, despite the best lies of certain people, is not true. If separation policy is Nazi policy, ICE agents have a duty to forcibly resist their orders. They don't because it's not Nazi policy. Every bad policy cannot be fixed with the stroke of an executive pen.

Nazi has become a stand-in for "thing I don't like," which means that everything I don't like becomes "Nazi policy." The utter stupidity of this perspective was exposed last month when Republicans proposed a legislative fix for the separation issue and ... Democrats rejected it. It's difficult to maintain that this is Nazi policy and simultaneously argue that it's more important for Chuck Schumer and other Democrats to try to score political points than to fix it.

The leftist argue that their opponents are Nazis and have no moral duty beyond shouting "Nazi!" The left don't believe their opponents are Nazis, rather, they believe they will win political battles by shouting about Nazis. It leads to more reactionary politics and greater polarization - all of which is truly dangerous.

President Trump is making America safe again. All Americans ought to say "Thank you, President Trump!"

Rhonda Davis



We need positive, permanent immigration reform


I'm sure people participating in rallies to protest immigration laws or policies are well-intended and compassionate. We're told, though, that those supporting the laws are cruel and anti-immigrant.

Of course migrant children should be with their parents, if they are their parents. But it's wrong to ignore how many children are accompanied by strangers who assist human-trafficking organizations. Separating the authentic from the false is time consuming and expensive. Not separating them is cruel.

Many asking for asylum arrive with false IDs and false stories because traffickers know that they will likely guarantee admittance. Once inside, the asylum seekers can disappear into the population at large to meet unknown fates.

Protesters chant "No ban, no wall, America is home to all. No hate, no fear. Everyone is welcome here." A large majority of Americans disagree. Open borders imply inclusivity and refuge, ignoring the victimization of many migrants before they arrive.

Migrants from Central and South America are victimized by Mexico, which refuses to grant them refugee status according to international law. Instead, authorities allow a bevy of traffickers in drugs, weapons and people extort and abuse them. Who knows how many begin the trek and never finish? Or make it in carrying drugs?

Where were protesters during the Obama administration when the Arizona Independent ran investigative reports on what happened to children in government-paid private detention centers? Air-conditioned tents are far better than what the children had there, at home or when consumed by human predators.

Should wealthy countries assimilate unlimited millions of migrants? Is wealth unlimited? That's not working well in Germany and Sweden. The U.S. government has already paid over $1 billion this year on services for refugee resettlement and placement of unaccompanied minors. Are the organizations profiting at taxpayer expense eager for a border wall?

U.S. taxpayers are not migrant rescuers, but rather enablers, complicit in continuing a hideous system that brings more than suffering people into our country and forces us to maintain it all through social services, prison, opioid deaths, and underpaid workers.

Characterizing a complex, broken and evil system as one that compassion can fix is wrong. So is shaming and condemning those who want positive, permanent change.

Stephanie Brown

River Falls