To the editor:

We are parishioners at St. Mathias in Hampton. Our priest, Father Cole Kracke, is also caring for St. Mary's church in New Trier and St. John the Baptist in Vermillion. This would have been thought impossible years ago. However, ordination to the priesthood has decreased.

So besides offering Mass twice on Sunday and nearly every day of the week, Father has been given the responsibility of funerals, weddings, and the sacraments of reconciliation, visitation (the sacrament of the sick) etc. It can be overwhelming.

How can we not wonder how he can satisfy the needs of all the people in these three parishes?

A few years ago the parish schools closed in New Trier and Hampton. Now Father has concern for the students and teachers in Vermillion.

Are we all praying for him, our shepherd - a man of faith who has accepted God's call to shoulder the burdens of a Priest.

What can we do together with him in a spirit of charity?

Bernard & Mary Lou Bauer