An extraordinary act of kindness


I am writing to share with the Hudson community an act of great help and kindness extended to me by Brian Priefer, Co-Founder of Hop and Barrel Brewing Company, on July 18.

After noon that day I was driving down Second Street on my way out of town unaware that I had inadvertently left a portfolio of confidential papers and my calendar on the roof of my car. As I passed by the brewery those items fell off the roof. The papers were blown around and a vehicle drove over my calendar. Brian observed this happening from the roof of his brewery and went down to the street to retrieve the portfolio and calendar and chase down all of my papers.

He returned to the brewery and found one of my papers which enabled him to identify me and obtain my phone number. He called and left a message on my phone that he had retrieved my portfolio, calendar and papers from Second Street and that I could pick them up at the brewery.

After leaving Hudson I had gone to lunch and did not notice that my portfolio and calendar were missing. When I checked my messages after lunch I was shocked to hear his message. I got in my car and drove back to Hudson. I went to the brewery and asked for Brian. He came out and I introduced myself as he went behind the bar and pulled out my things. I was SO relieved to have them and felt SO grateful to Brian for his kindness and the effort he made to recover all my personal items and then track down my phone number and contact me.

I told Brian how grateful I was and that I could not thank him enough for his extraordinary acts of kindness. Afterwards I decided to send this letter to the Hudson newspaper to express my gratitude in a public way and enable Brian to receive the recognition I felt he deserved. Hudson is very fortunate to have a man like Brian Priefer as a member of its community!

John Moore

Woodbury, Minnesota

Longer Table was tremendous


What a tremendous success was our first "Longer Table Event." While there are many, many individuals and organizations who need and deserve thanks for making this such a remarkable event, including the City of Hudson, the person who deserves our utmost gratitude is John Ramstad, who envisioned this event and worked so diligently to make it a reality.

I can't even imagine the number of hours John devoted to bringing the event to fruition, to foreseeing every detail and to organizing the entire work crew. Great Job, John! You done good.

LaVonne McCombie


Leave it alone


I have seen two times now that someone has referenced Genesis 1:29 when writing about marijuana. Genesis 1:29 was before man sinned. Genesis 3:17-18 N.L.T reads like this, "And to Adam he (God) said because you listened to your wife and ate the fruit I told you not to eat, I have placed a curse on the ground. All your life you will struggle to scratch a living from it. It will grow thorns and thistles for you, though you will eat of its grains."

Hey, let's smoke some poison ivy tonight, and have a bowl of thistles for breakfast in the morning.

Be careful who you listen to. Eve listened to the serpent and look what it got her. Adam listened to the woman, and all mankind is affected. The serpent represents Satan, I believe the woman represents anyone who could influence us in a negative way. So folks, sin came into the world, and will remain until Jesus returns. Turn your life over to him today, and be born again.

Now be careful who you listen to. If it does not line up with God's word, leave it alone.

Glenn Malcein


Skeptical but left renewed


We came with salad - and a bit of skepticism: will enough people show up to fill the benches at the 160-foot "Longer Table Event" at Lakeside Park in Hudson? By noon over 300 smiling faces of every color, age, gender and religion (there were several pastors at our section alone!) were chatting and chewing, no longer strangers but folks with much in common.

Next to us sat former neighbors of a close friend of ours, both having moved here from Maiden Rock years ago - what a small world we indeed live in!

The food was plentiful, diverse and absolutely delicious! The organization by many, many volunteers impressive. Even the weather was perfect - no rain and a cooling breeze to assuage the heat. But most amazing was the energy in the air, the enthusiasm and camaraderie and just plain good will towards all!

We came with skepticism - and left with sated hearts (and stomachs!) and warm feelings that had nothing to do with the temperature. And a renewed love for this community that wants to welcome everyone.

Sharri Kinkead and Michael Madden


A Hudson wonderful welcome


Last Sunday's Longer Table event was an amazing public potluck picnic. The main dish must have been called "wow," because that's the word I kept hearing all day long.

It was powerful love at work while we shared this long table with our many neighbors and new friends. The efforts of many good people bringing food, setting up tables, raising funds and organizing all the many details was a Hudson hug.

The list to "thank" for pulling off this picnic is as long as our 350-seat table. It was a day where our mixed traditions of culture, race, religion and orientation were all welcome. This experience shined a light on our beautiful diversity that clearly transcended the concerns of our differences. Hudson made for a proud day of kindness that will not soon be forgotten. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Tony Bol


Voting information


The purpose of this letter is to remind people that the primary is coming up in Wisconsin Aug. 14, 2018, and the General Election will be held on Nov. 6, 2018; and people can vote either by using early voting or at their local clerk's office; or they can go to the polls.

The polls in Wisconsin will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. central time. A variety of things may be on the ballot this year including various federal offices such as U.S. Senator, Representative in Congress, and others. I firmly believe everyone's vote counts, and I would like to encourage all U.S. citizens 18 years or older who are able to vote to participate in the process.

Wisconsin has a great disability vote coalition that provides resources for people with disabilities to vote. This is a non partisan effort, and more information about the coalition can be found at The purpose of the website is for educational purposes about the process, and it is not meant to endorse any candidates or party. If people have questions about the voting process, they may contact the Wisconsin Election Commission at 1-866-868-3947, or if a person has questions on the voting process for people with disabilities, they can contact the Voter Hotline at 844-347-8683. Once again, this letter is purely informational and not meant to endorse any candidate or political party.

Ramsey Lee