In a letter Sept. 5, 2018, Eden Penn accused (falsely) Citizens for The St. Croix Valley of being haters when, in fact, they embrace truth based on indisputable and corroborating facts:

• The Straightway of Grace Ministry scheduled speaker is Mr. Usama K. Dakdok, specialist in Islam and Evangelism to Muslims

• The presentation is titled "Islam in Our Schools" and included

• A clearly written description of the purpose of this ministry.

It begs the question; did the writer actually listen to Mr. Dakdok speak?

Why did the writer 1) argue CFTSCV is "attempting to say that our Hudson teachers are proselytizing for Islam," 2) plead "please support our Hudson Schools and do not allow CFTSCV to potentially spread false information about our school system," and 3) argue "now is the time to stand up and speak out against lies?"

Clear-thinking Hudson residents don't believe any of it!

We, individually and collectively, need to stand up and speak out.

Christianity v. Islam - an ideological difference: Fundamentally, if one looks at the character and teachings of the religious leaders, the answer is revealed. Muhammad advocated for ridding the world of sin by fighting infidels seen as offensive to Allah. Jesus never advocated violence against nonbelievers - but insisted on giving grace instead. Grace, after all, is the defining word of Christianity.

The Aug. 9, 2018, Amalia, N.M. incident had everything to do with Muslim extremism.

The ramshackle living quarters, a squalid compound, was littered with Qurans, diesel cans, dirty diapers, garbage, shotgun shells, broken bicycles and a DVD about killing techniques in close combat bearing silent witness to the lives of 11 innocent children living in filth, severe hunger, and dangers including a leaky propane tank at the hands of five Muslim adults, both men and women. Later, a child's body was also found.

According to court documents filed by prosecutors, the five adult Muslims were teaching children to use assault rifles in preparation for school shootings.

There are proactive steps parents and guardians can and should take for their children's safety and well-being in schools. Ask not just about policies but practices as well, because some schools are changing practices without formally establishing policies, which would entail school board involvement and increases the likelihood that the public will eventually become aware of what is taking place in schools.

Parents and guardians need to remember that they have rights and need to speak up so administrators are aware of their concerns.