To the editor:

In today's political arena, remaining well informed is a full-time job. There are so many players, versions, lies and spin.

Never have we needed informed clear-eyed voters as much as we do this election cycle.

To understand better and to fill in a lot of details and timelines since the 1980s, watch two new 2018 documentaries:

"Active Measures," directed by Jack Bryan, available on Amazon Prime Video (and hopefully other medium soon?) It deserves the widest audience!

It meticulously chronicles (Russian President Vladimir) Putin's massive rise to power over the years. It also includes tons of other "supporting cast" and clearly demonstrates the tight relationship between Trump and Putin since 1984 - much earlier than many realize.

"The Story of Fascism in Europe." This new one-hour show on public TV (TPT) is hosted by Rick Steves, the travel guy. It chronicles the rise and fall of fascism, especially in Germany and Italy, and its widespread effect on the entire world then. And again, how the events all helped Putin rise dramatically.

The two shows together are excellent primers for American voters before the November 2018 elections. Past behaviors do predict current ones.

And Americans need to fight for our Democracy. Not succumb to a second round of tyranny, dictatorship and suppressive fascism.

LK Woodruff