To the editor:

It has long been my view that the South Washington County Bulletin and Woodbury Bulletin should be combined. School District 833 includes schools in Cottage Grove, Woodbury, Newport, and St Paul Park, and the youth can be moved around in those schools. There are even families with children in both Cottage Grove and Woodbury schools.

Many parents make their friends by sitting at music concerts and sporting events - they want to read news regarding the whole district. Many events held in the district include youth from all four middle schools or all three high schools. Summer sports activities include youth from all over the district together on a team.

Woodbury also has most of the stores and restaurants, so even if we live in one of the other three cities, we want to read about what is happening in Woodbury. We have to do a good deal of our shopping in Woodbury because Cottage Grove doesn't have many businesses.

A lot of my friends don't get the Bulletin anymore. They say it is a waste of money as there is little in it that applies to them. I go to the South Washington County Senior Center - which is open to people in Cottage Grove, Woodbury, Newport and St. Paul Park. They get copies of both papers there, so once in awhile I read the Woodbury edition, and I am surprised how much is of interest to me. I have friends that have moved up in the world and moved to Woodbury, so like reading about them or their children in the paper.

Please consider changing the lines of your coverage and include all the cities and schools in District 833 school district in one edition.

Hjordes Starkson

Cottage Grove