To the editor:

As a regular library user, I recognize that not everyone uses them frequently. However, the general public needs to visit libraries more, so libraries can improve their selections, activities and hours for the entire community.

Primarily, a library's function is lending materials, but their variety is limited. If you can't find something you want, then you should request it because library collections adjust to popular demand. If books aren't for you, libraries are also vital sources of social interaction. They provide spaces for classes, meetings and events.

For parents, libraries host storytelling sessions and activities that often conflict with their work schedules. To increase the frequency of this service, libraries need critiques and interest from the available community. In addition, library attendance affects the more tech-savvy elements of a library which include computers and Wi-Fi. For those who don't have private access, libraries are places for them to utilize both resources. Unfortunately, library hours limit that access, but with increased demand in all services, there would be longer hours for all.

In order for libraries to improve, they need people using them more. To start, you can search online to find your local library's website. It will contain any information on hours of operation, library cards and more. Together, we can improve our libraries and create a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

Josey Sorenson

Cottage Grove