Be informed on health care issues


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Access to affordable health care and prescription medicine is one of the most important issues in the upcoming state elections. If it is important to you, you need to be informed regarding the candidates' position on health care for Wisconsin residents.

To be an informed voter is not easy. Many individuals and organizations have distributed information that is misleading, incomplete or false.

A Wisconsin organization (PATH) provides nonpartisan, truthful information and analysis on health care. PATH's focus is healthcare in Wisconsin. PATH seeks to provide both facts and truth: facts regarding all aspects of health care as well as truthful conclusions about healthcare and health insurance based on careful research and evidence rather than on whim or party politics. We wish to promote accountability, transparency and accuracy among healthcare providers, health insurance companies and makers of public healthcare policy. We have also

carefully compiled information provided by political candidates, included some questions to ask candidates about health insurance, and offered our analysis of the positions taken by candidates.

I urge you to visit our web site at or contract us at

Be an informed voter this fall. Vote for candidates who support your interest regarding access to affordable health care and prescription medicine.

Glenn Potts,  PATH member

River Falls

Before it's too late


We grow up thinking the justice system and social services will protect our children. Sadly, we are mistaken. It is just the opposite. These past months I have looked into these agencies, and I have been appalled at the lack of protection these supposed houses of justice offer. Rather than defending the innocent and helpless, they victimize and award the abuser. The family court often refuses to act, saying that is social service's job. But social services says that it is perfectly legal to beat children as long as the bruises remain small enough. Further, they say it is family court's job to protect children. That leaves no options. Family court cops out to social services who only returns the favor. So I ask you, who is protecting your child?

Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, probably best known for this research and efforts in PTSD, said that the biggest indicator of future crime was child abuse. He said that if we continue being apathetic and fail to take the necessary steps to stop this abuse, the American nation is headed for even greater turmoil. You see, children are not just resilient. But social services and family court claim that as an excuse. When will they hear the cry? Will it only be after more school shootings and mass murders? When will they have the courage to stop protecting the abusers and look instead at our children who are suffering?

You deserve to know how incredibly unjust our justice system is. I call them to courage. I call them to change. I call them to justice before it is too late.

Jen Neuman

River Falls

Negative sales


Every time elections roll around the airwave, newsprint and all media are filled with negative sales of politicians. The vast majority of advertising money is spent on the negative sales of the opponent.

Unfortunately one of the politicians is going to get elected even though the opponent has been blasting the negative, outlandish, behavior of the person that just got elected to serve the citizens of the area. If the ads are correct and the politicians elected are so bad, as mentioned, how are citizens supposed to expect anything or respect the person elected? Or, if the ads are incorrect then how are citizens supposed to believe the media?

The days of the positive sales are gone. The last presidential race proved that. The debates were held on pay TV only to control who watched and the ads were placed on antenna TV. That wasn't by chance. It was a well calculated, thought out process to control the vote. As loud music covers up bad musicians, negative sales cover up bad politicians.

Tony Huppert

Spring Valley

Marching Wildcats, thank you


I would like to say a big thank you to the two "fearless leaders" of our River Falls High School marching band, the Marching Wildcats. They are Mr. Bryan Jaeckel and Mr. Joe Coughlin. These two gentlemen hold themselves and our kids to a fabulously high standard of both success and fun. Bryan and Joe appear literally tireless in their efforts, which can only be because they are truly inspired by, and devoted to, the traditional and exciting art of the American marching band.

I want to thank them whole-heartedly, and their families as well, for giving us all this time spent away from home, teaching our kids the great life lessons. To quote from the 2018 WSMA State Marching Band Championships program notes, these are lessons of "not only artistry and musicianship," but also "discipline, dedication and teamwork." The benefit to my son and his comrades could never be measured, but will manifest positively throughout their lives. We are very grateful for this.

Jocelyn Gorham


Hooray for the New Dog Park


I've talked to a number of River Falls residents who've told me "now I've got a dog park in my backyard - no more trips to the Woodbury Dog Park!" I've also seen Minnesota license plates in the dog park parking lot.

There is, however, one major concern. I have to drive 3 miles west to access a bridge over the Kinni. This results in an extra 10 minutes of driving for every dog park trip. There is an easy solution (for me). The River Falls taxpayers need to build another bridge over the Kinni ANYWHERE EAST OF MY HOUSE and west of the dog park but ideally it should span the high bluffs. Then the dog park tourists industry will be joined by the high bridge bungie jumping tourist industry and the high bridge Rocky the Flying Squirrel glider suits tourist industry.

There is another potential tourist industry.

When the River Falls taxpayers are crushed by paying for special interest vanity projects (like removing dams for fly fishers), the Bungie High Jump Bridge can become the Suicide High Jump Bridge.

Phil Dean

Town of Clifton