Somerset fire


I saw the article in the New Richmond News about the house fire in Somerset Oct. 20. I would like to clarify that I and another neighbor saved two dogs. The chain of events was:

I called 911; I was coming home when I saw the flames. I had to wait till I pulled into the driveway to give the address to the 911 dispatcher because the house numbers are not in sequence on our street.

I saw three cars, no people in the yard and half the house engulfed in flames. I told the 911 operator there could be people in the house.

The fire had consumed the garage, the car in front of the garage and taken over about a third of the house. I don't even remember hanging up the phone, I just jumped out and ran toward the house. That's when I heard the dogs.

They were in large kennels next to the house. I went around the burning fence and saw four metal kennels. I fought with the first clamp that kept the gate closed. The whole time there were several explosions. The first dog was so scared, pushing against the gate so hard that I had to force him off the gate. Once the door finally was open the poor dog just ran.

The flames were so bad I couldn't see or hear any animals in the two center cages. I could only hear the puppy. I went to get him, but another neighbor had just come home. He had a coat on so he could protect his head from the flames. My husband arrived from our house at then end of the street to see if he could do something. He and the man who freed the puppy went looking for the dog I freed. Another passerby tried to help the puppy with its; breathing she even had some oxygen mask she used.

I think it's important to get the story right.

Debbie Allison