To the editor:

At the Nov. 8 ISD 834 (Stillwater Area Schools) School Board meeting, board members Mike Ptacek and Sarah Stivland voted to default on all of the district's contract and other legal financial obligations for the month.

Fortunately their position did not carry the day, or the district would have been faced with millions of dollars of lawsuits it would most certainly lose. Ptacek and Stivland voted to stiff vendors who had already provided valuable goods and services to the district.

They voted to not pay the City of Lake Elmo for septic system expenses. They voted against meeting payroll and paying payroll taxes. Worse yet, they voted to default on the purchase agreement for a new school bus facility, a default that would have led to very complicated and exceptionally expensive litigation. If they had carried the day, the district would have faced potential multi-million dollar liability, all at a time when their spendthrift habits have led to a projected $2.5 million deficit for next school year's budget. This behavior is more than the usual petulance we have come to expect from this pair. Ptacek's and Stivland's behavior betrays hubris.

Carl Blondin