Proud of young man who rescued dog


We hear so many negatives in the news, we would like to tell a heartwarming happening from Friday, Nov. 16.

Our 13-year-old Shihtzu pup, Molly, became disoriented when she went outside, crossed the street and ran up the sidewalk away from our home. We couldn't catch up to her and since she doesn't hear well she didn't respond to being called.

We drove and walked the area near our home for well over an hour, but no sign of her. We were so concerned as she's only 12 pounds and it was very cold. Coyotes also howl from the spaces across from our home.

About to face the hard fact that we would have to wait until daylight my husband drove home. Soon after a young man appeared at our door because our outside lights were on. He was carrying Molly like a baby and wondered if we knew whose dog she was. He was walking near our home and saw her in the dark, picked her up and was looking for her home.

This very polite young man is an eighth grader at Meyer Middle School. He was out for an evening walk. I won't mention his name but want to thank him publicly for his kindness to an innocent animal in trouble. His parents must be very proud of him! We sure are!

Judie & Tom Caflisch

River Falls