To the editor:


Isn't that just a synonym for theft? Synonyms from the Merriam-Webster dictionary: filch, heist, nick, pilfer, pinch, pocket, purloin, rip off, snitch, steal, swipe and thieve. It's sad that we are no longer willing to be straight talkers with our children and our community at large.

Call Assistant Vice Principal Josh McLay's actions whatever you want, this lack of judgment is not something we should allow as a model in our community.

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"Great young man" was a phrase used in describing this character. I'm sorry but, if over the course of 10 years, you steal (yes, I'll say it bluntly) over $10,000, that puts you at an age that you should know better.

Don't we expect our children to know better, at a much younger age? Roughly, if he came to our school district right out of college at the age of 22, that puts him at over 32 years of age. Not such a "young man" and, I'm sorry, despite how charming he may be, not all that "great."

I believe the school community has been bamboozled into thinking that "nice" makes up for integrity. If a maintenance worker for the school stole petty cash out of desk drawer, would they still be employed? I think the taxpayers, parents and students of Hastings deserve more. I'm not sure how others of Hastings feel, but my vote for the School Board will certainly be different next time around.

Amy Deaver