To the editor:

The news item about the Goodhue County property tax levy increase in the Dec. 8 Republican Eagle is timely and reflects the topic of our previous letter to the editor about the state of Minnesota addressing how property taxes are implemented and how the law needs changing.

Rep. Steve Drazkowski would have you believe that it is just as simple as voting "no" on a school referendum question (RE, Nov. 28). Ridiculous!

The ability to tax is the power to destroy. Property taxes influence business development and quality of life in a community. They can drive out businesses and individuals seeking lower property taxes. Increasing property taxes will drive up the cost of goods and services.

Only people pay property taxes; businesses have to pass the costs on to their customers as much as they can or use tax deductions to keep a profit margin. Renters get higher rent.

Minnesota needs comprehensive property tax reform now-not later.

Allan and Gaye Larson

Red Wing