To the editor:

A letter Don Slaten wrote against state Rep. Tony Jurgens was predictable drivel.

Amazing that Slaten, who was once defeated by Jurgens and has deep connections to the local DFL party, would take shots at his former opponent, isn't it?

The letter reads like it was written by a DFL Capitol insider, which Slaten is not, with all sorts of statistics relating to budget surplus projections, future state growth and inflation. Hey Don, just because the state has a surplus doesn't mean we need a bloated budget. I am with Jurgens, rein in the spending.

I also recall Jurgens provided tens of thousands of senior citizens with Social Security tax relief last session, and is already on record saying he'll carry a bill that gives even more seniors relief this year.

Does Slaten really believe this is a bad law?

Also, how did Don "know" that Jurgens wasn't participating in the League of Women Voters roundtable days before the event took place? As anyone who actually attended the gathering learned, Jurgens interviewed with the League prior to the event and answered all of their questions.

So while the League was busy getting legislative answers to "well-rounded," "nonpartisan" questions such as preventing legislative district gerrymandering and wasting state money on a federal census (who comes up with these questions that no average, apolitical person asks?), Jurgens gave actual constituents the opportunity to share their real concerns, such as affordable health insurance.

Finally, Slaten claims Jurgens hasn't lived up to his promises. You mean like Jurgens single-handedly preventing the Minnesota Department of Transportation from increasing Highway 316 speed limits? Or sponsoring the new law bringing the HERO Center to Cottage Grove? It should also be noted that Jurgens spoke with Gov. Tim Walz last week, and both men discussed ignoring partisanship and putting Minnesota first.

The reality is Jurgens is doing a great job and is very much appreciated in our community.

Kellie Eigenheer

Cottage Grove