To the editor:

Newly elected state Rep. Steve Sandell, along with other Democrats promised to fight hard to protect Minnesota's water but just last week he voted against cleaning up a closed landfill in another part of the metro. The landfill in Anoka is on the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency's priority list of more than 100 landfills that require clean up.

So why would Sandell vote in lockstep with his party, instead of voting to protect the environment? The proposal came before the House Environment and Natural Resources Committee to provide funding to clean up a closed landfill in Anoka County. The site poses a serious risk to drinking water, putting thousands of residents in danger of drinking contaminated water. With the water crisis in Flint, Mich., still looming large in the public's mind, it is crucial our elected officials fund clean-ups like this and eliminate health risks before it's too late.

The funding to fix this issue and save Minnesotans drinking water could've been provided last week, but the vote failed because Sandell and Democrats voted against protecting clean water and the people who rely on it. Rather than voting to fund cleaning up a hazardous landfill, Sandell voted with his party to avoid giving a "win" to Republicans looking to safeguard a community's well-being. Why can't our representatives work together to protect the community?

The next time a vote to protect clean water comes before Sandell, it might be the water in Woodbury or elsewhere in Washington County. I would hope that our state representative wouldn't let politics get in the way of protecting our community. Something to think about, eh?

Linda Stanton