To the editor:

On the campaign trail, new state Rep. Anne Claflin spent the summer and fall calling for clean water and underscoring the importance of communities' access to it. This message sounds good, and may have convinced some voters in November, but it doesn't match up with Claflin's actions in the Legislature.

Claflin has been in St. Paul for just a few weeks and, in one of her first votes, she decided to put party politics ahead of clean water and most importantly, the health and safety of Minnesotans.

Last week, a proposal came before the House Environment and Natural Resources Committee to provide funding to clean up a closed landfill in Anoka County. For context, this site sits atop the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency's priority list of the more than 100 landfills that require permanent cleanup.

The risk of leaking hazardous contaminants looms large and this site continues to pose serious dangers to Anoka County's water and air quality. With this constant threat, it is crucial our elected officials fund this project and eliminate these risks before it's too late.

This funding could've been provided last week, but the vote failed because Claflin and Democrats voted against protecting clean water and the people who rely on it. That's right, rather than vote to fund cleaning up a hazardous landfill, Claflin voted with her party bosses to avoid giving a perceived "win" to Republicans looking to safeguard a community's well-being.

The next time a vote to protect clean water comes before Claflin, it might be the water in our community. The right choice will be clear and I would hope our state representative wouldn't let politics get in the way of protecting our community.

Faye Hatch

Cottage Grove