To the editor:

Last week, former local Republican chairperson Faye Hatch attacked State Rep. Anne Claflin for not supporting funding to clean up a landfill in Anoka County (Letter: Claflin can't be trusted to protect clean water). The reality? Anne Claflin is a co-sponsor of HF 233. This bill provides $6 million to clean up the landfill. That bill was merged into a capital investment bill which Claflin recently voted for.

What Hatch brought up I assume is an amendment by Republican state Rep. Dan Fabian which proposed an additional $4 million to the landfill cleanup last month. The amendment was nixed in the Environment and Natural Resources Finance Committee but Fabian insisted on a roll call vote where it failed on partisan lines.

Why? According to the video (which is available online), the reasoning more or less was to approve $6 million now and look at the other $4 million later in the session. However, Fabian pretty much stated that he did not trust the Democrats to do this and hence pushed for the roll call. Thus, it was Fabian who acted in a partisan manner and not the Democrats.

Finally, Claflin has sponsored four bills that deal with environmental issues and co-sponsored many more. Moreover, Claflin is working to expand her knowledge in other subjects as well. Therefore, the attack by Hatch has no merit. It should be seen as a baseless attack and nothing more.

William Cory Labovitch

South St. Paul