Public transportation would be valuable



Saw that little letter by 18-year-old Anna Arthur, about Hudson needing some kind of public transportation for the obvious reasons she gave. We've lived in this area since 1987 and now that I'm 77 and possibly near the age of either giving up driving or walk to my destination, which otherwise couldn't be too far.

Yes, Hudson is indeed growing and buses seem to be a logical move-not the big lumbering ones of the large cities, but medium size or large van size such as one may see at some schools for their bands, orchestra or clubs. Possible roads would be Vine to Carmichael south to Hanley (east or west). Or maybe 11th Street to Vine. Then a separate run to North Hudson and back thru Main Street and up Coulee Road to Carmichael, or any other routes that could work. You folks would know better of course.

Michael Martinez

North Hudson

Mental health support groups are there for you


Within a life there are certain problems anyone of us can have.

I live with a mental illness, that I take medication for. This and a thyroid pill is very helpful to me.

In this past this condition has put a stigma on me and people really don't know how to handle a person with a problem. I was arrested many times in the past, put in handcuffs and belly belt and shackles on my ankles and the police don't really know what to do with a person weaker than themselves.

In my sickness, I lived in a dream world, saw people not really there and spoke to people not really talking to me.

If you have a chemical imbalance and are experiencing any problems, get some help!

We have in a local church, Luther Memorial, support groups for you. At 6:30 p.m. on the second and fourth Thursday evening, in River Falls. There is a group if you have a mental illness and there's a support group if you have family members or friends living with a problem.

Please find out more about mental illness.

Linda L. Johnson

River Falls

Trump's Southern border policy


In his State of the Union Address, President Trump stated "America will never be a socialist country. We were born free and we will stay free." I hope he's right. But I wish he would have done more in exposing socialism's evil history.

Opportunities were missed: When he honored the 75,000 Americans who, on D-day, June 1944, fought " save our civilization from tyranny" he could have noted that those who wanted to destroy our civilization were socialist.

He also honored two who were saved from concentration camps by American soldIers. He could have noted that the function of the camps were to kill people by overwork, beatings or gassing. Those camps were conceived, constructed and executed by the National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazi).

Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have resurrected an old name for socialism: Democratic Socialism. Lenin considered himself a democratic socialist. The country he ruled was the United Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR).

Our local Daniel Bruch, Opinion writer for the Hudson Star-Observer, has also gotten in the act with his Sept. 20, 2018 piece where he asked: "What is so frightening about being a democratic... socialist? Short answer: everything. Bruch appropriates entities that existed prior to socialist meddling that functioned better without intrusion. The court system and police and fire are appropriate functions of government. The other functions on his list were better served by free markets.

Regarding President Trump's presentation on the terrible crisis on our southern border, he laid it all out, including how to eliminate it. Democrats claim that the crisis is manufactured. It is, by Democrats and Fake News. Their past rhetoric and present actions proves "Democrats were for the wall before they were against it."

As Trump stated "We were born free and we will stay free." Providing Trump's policies are implemented.

Gerry Lancette

Town of Hudson