To the editor:

I am responding to the editorial about the constitutional crisis that was in the Woodbury Bulletin on Feb. 20. Can we please try and keep our newspaper with less of the biased, slanted remarks and actually share the entire picture? Where was the outrage with the constitutional crisis when Barack Obama bypassed Congress and gave Iran $150 billion? How many other presidents have used the national crisis for issues that relate more to foreign countries rather than America? You would end up with more credibility when you report the entire truth and not just a biased editorial to try to make the current president look bad.

That said, I actually agree with the actual basis of the editorial, even though I do believe we need border security, including a wall. I don't believe this or any president should be able to use or have the power of the national emergency to do whatever he/she wants with our money. However, this should have been challenged from the very first time a president had used it, now a precedent has been set and it will be hard to overturn. Ultimately, I do hope the Supreme Court will rule that declarations of national emergencies, specifically in regards to the use of funds, is unconstitutional.

Joe Cuoco