To the editor:

From the shaking-your-head department come the actions of Hastings City Council member Tina Folch, who made news last week for completely wasting the council's time.

With apparently nothing better to accomplish, Folch thought it was imperative that the city formally recognize Xcel Energy for its desire to eliminate carbon emissions.

Not one other council member seconded her motion, citing that it not only showed favoritism (to a powerful corporation no less) but that making the action also forced the city into making a political statement. Folch then got upset before the council moved on to other business.

Council member Folch, is this really the biggest problem the city of Hastings has to worry about? I realize you think the one issue every local resident is talking about is global warming. It's not.

Have you poured yourself a glass of water lately? It's disgusting. It literally reeks when you turn on your faucet, not to mention it tastes awful. Most everyone I know in town has now either started buying bottled water to drink or has a water filter in their sink. All of this costs families more than it should, and it's gone on for months.

Despite all of this, the only thing Folch has done to address our drinking water problem is force Hastings residents to pay more by raising the water fees! This is another hit on our wallets and the issue still isn't solved.

Council member Folch, we elected you to solve Hastings' problems. Not Xcel Energy's problems. Not the state's problems. Not the world's problems. Hastings' problems.

Rather than pouting that the council recognized your action was blatantly political and refused to support it, please get to work on finding a solution for our now putrid drinking water other than forcing us to pay more for it.

Terri Cheney