To the editor:

It's no secret that when more people walk and bike, individual lives are better, communities are stronger and better connected, and our state is healthier, happier, and environmentally and economically stronger. I consider myself to be an advocate for walking and biking in Minnesota, so I participated in the 2019 Minnesota Bike Summit hosted by BikeMN in St. Paul on Feb. 28. I met with Sen. Susan Kent and Rep. Tou Xiong to discuss a few issues that are important to me this session, especially the possibility of funding for biking and walking infrastructure and programs as well as the badly needed hands-free cellphone legislation that's in the works.

I'm grateful to Kent and Xiong for their support on these issues that I feel are important for our community. It was my first time meeting Xiong. He hopes to get a bike in the spring and ride to a legislative session or two. I offered to escort him and guide him on the best routes.

I think that making walking and bicycling safe and convenient in communities throughout Minnesota will help ensure that they are places that young people want to live, businesses want to locate and families can prosper. We need to keep working to make it a reality.

Peter B. Grasse