To the editor:

Building a U.S.-Mexico border wall seems like a common-sense approach to controlling our border. President Donald Trump suggests that to the extent the wall is lengthened, it will likewise strengthen our security against violent criminals, curb illegal drugs and lead to a more orderly immigration system.

These assertions are undeniably true. So why the resistance to Trump's border wall proposal?

I suggest there are four simple reasons.

1. Certain segments of the American populace profit from the cheap labor. However, with a wall, the jobs will still get done, just at a fair market value - a fair wage. Nor is there any reason why there couldn't be a worker program for migrant workers, but one that's legal and controlled.

2. Misplaced compassion. That is, some Americans rightly care about the desperate plight of those fleeing poverty, crime, and corruption and seeking a better life for themselves and their loved ones. However, where is the compassion for those who are continually exploited by the current system? Where is the compassion for the many families that have had loved ones robbed, raped and murdered by vicious thugs and gang members illegally crossing our borders? Surely, there are alternative approaches of aiding the needy in Central America and Mexico than an uncontrolled border.

3. I am ashamed to say it, but many Americans oppose the wall because they want the continuous flow of illegal and illicit drugs for their consumption. However, expanding the wall will help save the lives of countless Americans who have found themselves addicted to a plethora of deadly drugs while curbing the violence associated with the drug trade.

4. There are some whom simply oppose the wall for political purposes. That is, they just don't want Trump to have a political victory. Even though some of them have supported the wall in the past, they now oppose the wall as immoral (I wonder, if the wall is immoral, does House Speaker Nancy Pelosi advocate tearing down those portions of the wall already in place?)

However, this has the effect of showing Trump taking a strong principled stand for law and order, for the safety of Americans, and the compassionate treatment of human beings while his enemies stand for nothing but empty political victories that pander to lower elements of society.

Build the wall!

Steve Lagoon

Cottage Grove